Installing GameStats (as of 1.4)

Installing GameStats is easier then ever, thanks to PAR. The install, for both Linux and Windows, looks like this:

  1. Download the latest release from our homepage
  2. Extract/unzip the file:
  3. Windows: use unzip
    Linux: tar zxvf gamestatsXXX.tgz
  4. Edit the logparse.conf file located in the config subdirectory and uncomment your GAMETYPE and, optionally, any mod you might be using in your logfile. You'll also probably want to change the ADMIN_EMAIL and ADMIN_NAME to something appropriate.
  5. Run the parser (from the gamestats directory)
  6. Windows: gamestats.exe games.log
    Linux: ./gamestats.exe games.log
  7. The parser will create a directory called public_html from wherever you're running it from, so if you're running it on your desktop, it will create it there.

In the near future we plan to allow you to specify the game-type on the command line, and with any luck I'll be able to have the parser automatically determine more information from the logfile, such as what game and what mod you're using.

Also, we hope to bring back the Windows installer, so that it will automatically create a link on your desktop, and you'll just have to drop your logfile on the link, how cool would that be! :)