Q: Help, its not working!

A: Try running the parser with debug output turned on (-d), and post the results of the run on our forums. Generally, all the problems we see are our fault, and I try to get them fixed quickly.

Q: Why don't you guys don't support game XXX or mod YYYY?

A: That's probably because we don't have a logfile from that game or mod. If you run that game or mod and would like stats, post them on the forum, and I'll write up a parser for it!

I don't have most of the games that GameStats can parse, so the only way for me to add support for a game is to get a logfile from you guys.

Q: How do a I do player aliasing?

A: GameStats has a file (config/player.alias) which you can use to "alias" one player to another. It does this by aliasing the player's id to another id.

  1. Run the stats parser, this will allows us to easily determine a player's id
  2. Once its done, you can determine the player's id by clicking on their name on the main page, and copying down the name of the .html page that gets used
  3. For example, if you go to the demo page, and click on -=Garbage Shark=-G, it will take you to the player detail page, and in the address bar, you'll see that the address says 'http://gamestats.sourceforge.net/demo/players/GARBAGESHARKG.html', and the id would be 'GARBAGESHARKG'. This can be different then their name, as the parser will use guids when it has the chance to.

    And, say we wanted all stats from -=Garbage Shark=-G (id: GARBAGESHARKG) to go to .[PhoboS]. (id: PHOBOS)

  4. Now that we have both ids, we can add them to the player.alias file by adding this line: GARBAGESHARKG : PHOBOS
  5. So, now our player.alias file looks like this:
  6. Now, re-run the parser, and you'll see the players get aliased properly